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Heart cannot have what it wants by MISSluna-kitsune Heart cannot have what it wants :iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 7 0 unexpected kiss by MISSluna-kitsune unexpected kiss :iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 4 5
Brown eyes
I look in the mirror,
And I see my brown eyes....
A pair of boring,
Mud pits,
Staring back.
The rest of the face
Ain't much better
A plain
dark haired girl....
Nothing extraordinary.
No exotic beauty to make up for it
This is the character...that is taken advantage of,
Or picked over....
For that pretty girl over there....with her blue sparkling eyes
This girl watches as others smile
And coo over the princess next to her
While she wonders if anyone...
Anyone ever....
                   saw her as a princess ...
We....grow up,
Imagining  that we ourselves are special...
That we are deemed for some
Greater purpose....
But...many like me...
We are just supporting...
Nameless faces,
For the main characters...
The charming....
Beautiful people....
My father says,
Struggles build character,
Yet the characters we read
In fairytale,
Are blank
one dimensional
And receive their grandest wishes anyway...
But in reality....
We st
:iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 0 1
Frozen Heart
If I set myself ablaze
I still could not melt this heart,
this heart you've turned to ice itself
how fragile its become….
It could shatter in a moment,
with one gesture or remark
from your poisoned lips
and every time…
                       I pick up the pieces, and freeze them together again.
My tears,
cannot even stain my pillow,
they have dried up,
from keeping my heart frozen
I am a human being,
not some cursed emotionless fairy of lore.
I yearn for fire,
for heat...
to envelop me,
body and soul.
To set my heart ablaze again.
I crave the hot kisses from ones lips,
roaming every inch of my body,
finishing at my lips,
to bring me back to life.
I beg for the sweet sting
of teeth and nails,
bruising my flesh
reminding me I am in fact
I am a contradiction.
A turbulence of emotions!
Screaming to burst forth from my mouth!
but trapped inside this frozen heart,
I shall remain,
Inside your icy castle,
:iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 1 0
Sit down at my table... by MISSluna-kitsune Sit down at my table... :iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 2 0
The real me
The real me…
She's scared…
what will you think of her…
what if she says the wrong thing…
the real me…
thinks no one likes her…
how could they like her?
she's shy and quiet…and sometimes says the worst things at the wrong time…
the real me…
she's too trusting…
she releases her burdens
only to gain new ones…
when her trust is broken
the real me hides behind a mask…
What if they are only putting up with me…
because of others I am acquainted with?
The real me…
constantly doubts herself…
afraid of saying too much
"she's so self centered"
or saying too little,
"wow…anti social much?"
the real me
gets excited over things
and wants to talk to others about these things
but is afraid to annoy you with her "endless chatter"
The real me smiles and laughs,
hoping you won't see her insecureness….
The real me adapts….
hiding in the crowds of people she meets,
hoping to find someone to cling to,
:iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 2 3
Mew it's a big world out there by MISSluna-kitsune Mew it's a big world out there :iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 3 8
True desires made not known
I can feel it…
this beast trying to escape my throat
They want to consume, and burst forth from my mouth,
bubbling, foaming at the mouth,
I want to scream my desires,
            Cry my heart out of all that haunts me
But I am muzzled,
and a mask thrown upon my face
A smile worn over my insecurities
Just be happy…
I'm told…
Just smile
no…I don't want to…
I want…
Need things too….
Unfullfilled Promises
continue to gnaw at my insides,
making the beast inside more ravenous,
Roaring to be free from me,
its saliva dripping from my eyes as I try to speak
No …
to be fake means to get what you want…
the muzzle is tightened,
the mask adjusted, and my chain yanked back,
Just be a good girl…
:iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 0 3
This aura...
It's poison....
And I cannot find a cure
You push me away...
And I can't push
past your walls
I sit here in silence,
Any words I say,
Only make you angrier
Continuing to let you poison me
And mind
Till there is nothing left
But me trying to make you happy
You dominate my thoughts,
Long after you're gone
The poison already destroying me
Till I am no more but a husk
Of my former self
:iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 2 3
why does she stay?
a little girl stands alone,
watching the others play
no one
extends a hand
to this lonely girl today….
The girls grows,
she clings
to whomever will take her hand
for them to pry back her fingers
and let her fall into lonely despair again
the woman has bruises now
because another
finally holds her hand
in his own
but strikes her with the other
Little girl stands all alone
no one extends a hand
:iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 0 0
Evil has a better wardrobe by MISSluna-kitsune Evil has a better wardrobe :iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 2 0
The unfulfilled lover
There is only so long you can keep a person on their toes,
They hang on your every word,
Just for a little relief for their aching feet,
Only for you
to let them down
If they were to stop
They would be pierced by the realization
That all your words were lies
Like jagged glass
Bleeding out every drop if hope left in them
So they keep standing on their toes,
For anything
:iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 1 3
Just a memory by MISSluna-kitsune
Mature content
Just a memory :iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 5 6
commission, in your dreams there is a maiden by MISSluna-kitsune commission, in your dreams there is a maiden :iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 2 5 Typographic portrait by MISSluna-kitsune Typographic portrait :iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 5 10
How does one Mourn and just Bury it
Time Changes,
Sometimes for the worse...
Together like Sisters,
we once were...
I looked up to you,
but I guess It was a mirage,
Years passed,
It does not make the heart grow fonder,
I grew stronger,
stepping into the light
but you started to shrivel
into your own shadow,
I smiled
            You pushed away
I opened my arms,
                 You cut them off,
And still...
I smiled for you
Because of who you were to me
Not realizing what you had become,
not realizing it was all for naught,
       You ignored me...
                 You "put up" with me...
But my words were real,
I never lied...
Nor put on a mask for you...
You were once a part of me,
and I a part of you...
But You cut me off...
             And Set me aflame...
my tears no substitute
for Healing Rain
And Still I mourn For the loss
:iconmissluna-kitsune:MISSluna-kitsune 2 4


angewomon .nude tag. by sakimichan
Mature content
angewomon .nude tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 1,435 0
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Fire Place Discord x Celestia :iconstepandy:StePandy 443 40



just call me kagome
United States
anime artist
shy,short ><,but hyper sometimes lol

Current Residence: Not Telling Sorry
Favourite genre of music: anything good
Favourite photographer: Nightmare chan ^ ^
Favourite style of art: ANIME ^ ^ DO U NEED TO ASK
Skin of choice: my own thank u LOL
Favourite cartoon character: Hmmmm from where there are too many out there
Let me first say, I love disney. I'm the person who'd rather go see the latest disney cartoon over the popular zombie thriller or action movie ok? I'm the dork screaming disney songs in their car. The girl making ideas for Cosplay related to disney. I love disney...but their marketing and advertising in the past few years....has left me....annoyed? I saw this new trailer for a new Disney film called zootopia. " A modern anthropomorphic film." The story of what it appears of a male fox living in a anthropomorphic world in modern day and apparently his daily life for what it appears. It's a teaser trailer, not much to go by ;^^ the film actually looks really cute! but then the end of the trailer says something that irked me a bit. " something you ve never seen befur" a cute way of saying before. Um..based on the trailer of showing an anthropomorphic world, disney has done this.....A LOT. Actually from the very beginning. Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic mouse, who was living in a modern day society and still is, and is composed of.....oh yeah animals. Robin hood the animated feature, another anthropomorphic film featuring animals living in a more medieval world. 
I am not hating on the film at all, like I said it looks cute, but Disney has been doing this a lot lately and it's rather annoying and I think insulting to their past masterpieces. Before this it was frozen, saying to be the first where the girl doesnt need a man to save her; hello mulan? How about Pocahontas? How about Merida even? You could even argue belle defending herself with a stick from wolves trying to save herself and Philippe rather than just get eaten, till beast just sped things up and saved her. They also keep advertising films to be better than last cinematic classics. Sorry to pick on frozen but when they came out they said better than the lion king and beauty and the beast....while I did enjoy frozen, was it better than them, no...not at all. Just my opinion. 
Disney also did terrible advertising with the film tangled, showing it to be a more crazy adventure actiony type film as compared to the beautiful fairytales the film was. this advertising caused the film to not do as well as films like frozen, which I honestly thought tangled had a better and stronger story and was actually up there with beauty and beast and lion king. 
I don't know, I'm just tired of Disney calling things new when it's not in anyway. The film inside out is a new idea...why not push that? Instead they keep pushing out films and advertise like they are new concepts  rather than advertise on the story itself or use cheap gimmicky commercials to try and draw attention like with big hero six, another film I really really enjoyed ^_^ I still see every Disney movie that comes out regardless of advertising btw lol
I think it gives the wrong idea to the people who are sheep who go around going omg it's so nice to see for once a girl who can handle herself. I feel like it insults and demotes the classics of the past when they are classics not just for nostalgia but also for their storytelling, animation and characters, and THEIR new concepts.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm curious what are your thoughts on disneys advertising of recent films. Do you think they focus on advertising the story? Or a, I correct and they should focus on the story? What are your thoughts?


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